Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Hope Everyone Had A Wonderful Christmas!

We had a great time together Christmas! We walked around Gatlinburg with all the lights on Christmas Eve, then came home and had appetizers for dinner and topped it off with brownie bites for dessert. The kids were so excited to open a gift after we ate. Savannah opened PJ's from her Grandma Vonda and Pop-Pop and had to put them on immediately. Conley opened a new fleece robe from us. He really thought it was cool because it has skulls and cross-bones all over it! We heard the kids racing downstairs Christmas morning around 7:45 am eager to see what Santa brought them. They were both thrilled with their goodies. Even Rascal had a good time enjoying the new toy Santa brought him! We had our traditional homemade sweet rolls, courtesy of my mom, for breakfast. Then we opened the rest of the gifts from under the tree. The kids played all day long! Of course, the day after Christmas we had to take them shopping so they could use their gift cards and money. Enjoy the photos from Christmas morning!

Monday, December 24, 2007

New Blog Site

We've decided to start a new blog- this time a personal one about what's going on with the Summers' family in Tennessee! Last week the kids and I went to Florida to visit family and the time flew by much too quickly! The kids had a blast playing with their cousins, Makayla and Olivia. Savannah was thrilled to have a day with her best friend, Rachel! I won't wait another year to go visit!

Yesterday was Savannah's 12th birthday! After church, I made Shrimp Alfredo- her birthday request. She also had a big chocolate chip cookie for desert, but she wasn't happy because I forgot to buy candles. So Gregg improvised and stuck 12 matches in the cookie for her to blow out. He had to work fast! She was excited about all her birthday gifts- especially her new Ipod Shuffle that has her name engraved on the back. She and Gregg worked on loading her favorite songs last night.

Today we visited some neighbors and took them some homemade goodies. Conley has been playing with the boys down the street and Savannah is spending time in her room listening to her music. We may go to Gatlinburg tonight to see the lights. Well- we will add more very soon!