Friday, May 30, 2008

Didn't make you wait long, did I?

Yesterday was a very busy day! Savannah had field day at her school. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pix of her events because I was busy working the concessions. She placed 1st in the 200 relay- left everyone else in the smoke! Then she had her final tennis scrimmage after school. Her team lost by only one set. She has really enjoyed playing. Her coach told her she has shown alot of improvement in just a few weeks. Next school year will be more competitive. She wanted to play volleyball, too, but they conflict with each other. We just can't do practice every night of the week, which that's what it would be if she played both sports. Conley had his play and awards program last night. The play was based on a book they read about Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head traveling the country. They learned about geography and history by having their colored and laminated Mr. Potato Head travel to see a friend or family member in another part of the country. Conley sent his to Aunt Beth and Uncle Zach in Alaska. Beth went all out! Mr. Potato Head even got to go with them to Guatemala when they picked up Gabriel. Conley was so adorable! He knew all of his lines, plus everyone else's. Mr. Cheatam is a volunteer in the multi-age class. He is a WW2 vet and comes quite often to their class with all kinds of old gadgets along with stories of the "good ole days". All the kids love him! Mr. Cheatam played his harmonica while the kids sang God Bless America. It was so sweet! Conley's friend, Baylee, was Dolly Parton. She had on a blonde wig and had balloons tucked into her dress. Hannah, Conley's best friend, was the Statue of Liberty. His friend, Nick, was Ben Franklin. After the play, they did their awards program. Conley received the Friendship Award- because he's friends with everyone, the Certificate of Excellence for being in the top three for AR points in Reading, the Spelling Award, All A Honor Roll, and The High Standard of Academic Excellence Award for maintaining a 102 grade average all year long. Even though Savannah's age group doesn't give awards like this-I have to brag on her, too! Savannah was also on the All A Honor Roll all year long and her teachers all told me that she is one of the sweetest kids they've ever had. Savannah has been in the Beta club all year and has been involved with helping other students and teachers as part of that program. As you can tell, I'm so proud!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I know, I know- I'm slow again!

I'm sorry for not posting in a while. I'll try to do better! The school year is winding down- only one week left and the kids are extremely excited. Savannah has her last tennis scrimmage this Thursday until the fall. Conley has his play and awards night this Thursday evening. If you weren't aware, Conley is the lead in his class play. He will be portraying Mr. Potato Head so I'll be sure to upload photos from that! Savannah's field day at school is this week, Conley's was last week. We were finally able to go to Cades Cove this past weekend. It wasn't very crowded- surprising since it was Memorial Day weekend. I guess people just aren't traveling much due to gas prices. We saw lots of deer and cicadas. Conley was fascinated by them. We also took the kids to see Prince Caspian. It was a very good movie- different from the first one but still very good. Gregg and I worked in the yard all day yesterday. We are almost finished with the landscaping around the house. We put in stone, pea gravel, and black mulch. We need to have another load of mulch delivered along with one more container of stone. We'll still have plenty more landscaping to do, but at least that part is almost done. I'll post pix when we get finished. I'm sure our neighbors are happy to see us working on it. Rascal got a hair cut a couple weeks ago. We had all the "fuzzies" removed so hopefully now we won't have that problem when he grows out. He looks kind of funny, though! Enjoy the photos and I'll be sure to post more soon!