Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday Week for Gregg and Conley

This week was spent celebrating one birthday after another! Gregg's b-day was the 11th and Conley's was the 17th. Gregg had a b-day dinner of boiled shrimp, corn-on-th-cob, new potatoes, and french bread with a derby pie for dessert. He got a new weed-eater (and a new riding mower to come in September when they go on clearance), a gift card to Starbuck's, and money! He better enjoy this year- his last of the thirties! Conley celebrated by going to Nascar Speedpark and Mr. Gatti's Pizza on Saturday. On Sunday, he chose for me to make a Mexican lunch of tacos, beans, and rice. Then he got to open his presents and eat his cake that my mom made him. He's so funny! He didn't want any special decorating on his cake. I guess he thinks he's too big for that now. He got a R/C Hummer that will go in the dirt, money, CD's, and a karaoke machine. Savannah got him "google" glasses (the big old kind that take up your whole face) and some hillbilly teeth. For those of you that don't know it- Conley is our family comedian. He has created a character named "Diddle" with a particular look and voice and he is constantly acting as this personality. Savannah says Diddle is Conley's "alter ego"! She is always laughing at him! I'll have to post a photo of Diddle soon! Anyway- today was the first day of school here in Sevier County. Conley started a new school and will be there with his sister for the next two years until she moves on to high school. (UGH! That's too soon for me to think about right now!) The individual photos of the kids were taken this morning- the annual back-to-school picture. I'm sure they'll have another wonderful school year!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Time in Florida!

I just got back from the Pensacola area (Pace) on Friday night. The kids and I went to visit my family. The kids are staying an extra week then Mom and Dad will bring them home and stay with us for a while. I was able to visit with my grandmother a couple of times, we spent the night with my sister, Rebecca, and her family one night, and we went to the beach for a photo session with the kids then let them swim for a while. My aunts and uncles and some of my cousins came over one evening for dessert and it was great to see all of them! The kids in a photo above are doing their "Kid Stack"! They made that up a long time ago when they were all very little. Rebecca and I laughed that they may still be doing this when their teens! Hope you love the pictures as much as I do!