Monday, June 23, 2008

The Kids Are Chillin' Out!

While the kids have been relaxing, sleeping in every day, and having fun on the trampoline, I've been busy getting ready for VBS which starts this Wednesday. With the exception of doing the last minute things, I'm pretty sure I'm ready. Conley found these craft eyes and has been playing around with them. It was so funny I had to take his picture. He seems to be Savannah's personal comedian. She laughs every day because of his silliness. I'm just glad they laugh together more than argue. So far, anyway! Ha Ha!

Monday, June 9, 2008

What a Relaxing Mini-Vacation! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Friday, June 6th At Wyndam's Recreation Center, the kids loved swimming in the pool!
Savannah coming up for air! Isn't this funny?!

Hanging out with Daddy!

Later Friday afternoon, we went to Whitewater Falls! Is this view gorgeous or what?! This was taken on the way to the falls.

Whitewater Falls- at 420 ft. this is the tallest waterfall in the East.

As close as we could get to the falls- Savannah wanted to take our picture.

Fairfield Lake, Cashiers, North Carolina

Bald Rock Mountain at Fairfield Lake less than a mile from the Wyndam Resort.

Saturday we went to Fairfield Lake. What a face!

Savannah liked the lake better than the pool!

Saturday we also went to Silver Run Falls! Someone volunteered to take our picture!

Silver Run Falls is one of the many waterfalls in this area!

We also went to Cashiers Sliding Rock. Conley going down Sliding Rock for the first time!

His reaction after his first slide down the rock!

As hard as Conley tried, he couldn't convince Savannah to slide with him!

The water was freezing, but they sat still on a rock for me to take their picture!

Savannah enjoyed just looking for rocks and other shiny objects!

Another of Conley sliding! He did this many, many, many times!

Arrival at the Biltmore on Sunday morning! It is a spectacular site! We also visited the winery and the barn.

At the Barn there was this old wagon to get in and pose!

Conley loved the barnyard animals. He found a baby chick and held it for quite a while!

Savannah fell in love with the lambs! There were four of them and they were adorable!

This is at the winery! It was so beautiful how they just grew over the pergola!

Savannah resting in the gardens! It was a very hot day!

Conley searched and searched the conservatory for a Venus Fly Trap but couldn't find one!

In the garden area on the way to the conservatory. I'd love this in my yard!

The kids were so amazed. Their jaws were wide open when they saw the house! I have to share something really funny that Conley said. When touring the house, we saw dumbwaiters used to transport food to the Vanderbilt's and their guests. Conley thought they meant "dumb waiters"! I am still laughing about that one!