Sunday, December 6, 2009

Long time, No post! I'll try to do better!

For our family members who are not on facebook, I promise to try to do better! I've been horrible about posting on our blog since getting connected on there. Forgive me, please!

We had some beautiful snow yesterday! The kids got to use their sleds and made a snowman. They played outside all morning, but came in ready to take a jacuzzi bath to get warmed up. This afternoon Gregg and I went to see Bill Cosby at the Tennessee Theatre. Very funny man. I enjoyed his facial expressions as much as what he said! This week I'm going to try to get through with my shopping. We got our tree up Friday evening and there are some presents underneath- Conley is already dying to open something! Hard to believe Christmas and Savannah's b-day is just around the corner! Time has really flown by this year. Only a couple more weeks until our vacation. We are going to Nashville for 5 days. Rascal, our dog, will have to stay in the kennel while we're away. Gregg's looking forward to some time off.

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